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Diamond Shine Mobile Auto Detailing Services


I detail cars, motorbikes, trucks, minivans, SUVs, motorhomes, and all other residential vehicles on-site at your home or office. Why waste a day arranging and waiting for your vehicle to be cleaned? For your convenience, I drive to you and detail at your location. Have your interior cleaned by Diamond Shine Detailing and you will notice the fresh clean scent of your car interior as soon as you open the door.


First, I start with a full vacuum cleaning for wet and dry surfaces with special attachments to get into those tiny areas. I remove and clean the floor mats and vacuum the trunk making sure the outer lip and water channel areas are clean. While vacuuming the upholstery, I make sure that all dust, dirt and pet hair is removed, and leather or vinyl seats are clean and ready for shampooing. Using a shampooer and the perfect match in upholstery soap for your vehicle, I complete the shampooing process by lifting stains and clearing foam from the seams.

Particular attention is paid to the steering wheel column. When needed, I use an enzyme and bacterial cleaner to super-clean the area most often touched by your hands. First I use a solution to remove dust and stains, dry the area thoroughly then apply a surface protectant. Protectants prolong dash and center console life against UV damage, freezing and humid conditions.

After meticulously detailing the steering wheel column, dash, and center console, the interior glass is polished to a sparkling finish before moving on to the doors.


The exterior of the vehicle is washed with non-streaking cleaning solution and water, rinsed and dried. If the vehicle exterior has tar or sap, I remove this residue with special cleaners that won’t harm the paint. Windows and glass are polished, including fine detailing around the grill, headlights and tail lights. Using high quality wax, I hand buff the finish, so those fine scratches disappear and bring your car back to new again. Chrome is hand polished and conditioned.

Tire detailing includes degreasing, scrubbing tires and fender walls, rinsing and dressing. The rims are cleaned with a powerful solution to break down brake dust, dirt, and grime then power washed to bring them back to life.

Engine shampoo is a foaming degreaser that removes oil, grease, grit, grime and salt, yet safe on rubber and plastic hoses. After rinsing and polishing, your engine will look amazing… just like new!

Full Detail

Both services combined, starting with the interior of your vehicle. I have specialized tools for fine detailing like those minute recesses around your dash and door panels. I take extra time to speed-buff the exterior of custom orders, focusing on the Diamond Shine Detailing I am known for.


Estimated time for detailing is dependant on the size of your order. Please call me for details and we can work on a schedule and budget together, whether it is for your entire fleet of commercial vehicles, an industrial truck or just one vehicle. My schedule is flexible and mobile and I work hard to make sure my commercial customers are well taken care of. Customer satisfaction is important to me, and I go the extra mile so you can concentrate on getting on with business. I have an extensive collection of cleaning tools to manage the most challenging commercial and industrial jobs.

Commercial vehicle detailing includes:

  • Degreasing door and trunk jams
  • Cleaning vents, consoles, and instrument panels
  • Shampooing floor mats, carpet, and upholstery
  • Cleaning leather and vinyl with appropriate products
  • Application of protectors for vinyl, plastic and leather
  • Full exterior wash with bug, tar and sap cleaners as necessary
  • Wheel and tire cleaning, dressing and conditioning
  • Engine shampoo on demand
  • Glass cleaning and polishing
  • Power polishing on demand to remove fine scratches and old wax
  • Hand waxing

RCMP Vehicles: I have experience detailing RCMP vehicles, spending extra time and attention in detailing around the rims of the light bars, headlights and taillights. As a mobile detailing business, Diamond Shine Detailing provides the professional quality you need to keep your cruisers clean.

Show Cars: Enjoy a stunning ride with my professional cleaning service. I specialize in the meticulous hand cleaning of show cars. I use high quality soaps, shampoos and wax products to ensure the protection of your upholstery, leather, and paint. If you have your own products you have come to trust, I will work with you to custom clean your show car before the competitive event. Your treasure is in good hands when you hire Diamond Shine Detailing for outstanding detail results. From full hand washing, vacuuming, shampoos and fine detailing, I offer the very best for you and your vehicle at an affordable price.

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