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The picture to the right depicts the root causes ( like tree sap, weather etc.) of why our vehicles look old, dirty & shabby just after a few months of it’s purchase.

Our constant goal is to make your vehicle look brand new & shiny again! Using their skilled hands with love and precision, our experts will thoroughly wipe, vacuum, shampoo, apply clay bar, wash and dry your automobile inside out and finally dress, wax & polish to protect and preserve it’s condition. At Diamond Shine Detailing, our crew are the lean, mean, cleaning machines!

We also provide a mobile vehicle detailing service that comes to you and details the interior and/or exterior of your car or truck at home. This would be a ~ 2 - 6 hour full deep-clean service that starts off with a car wash using our portable car washer.


Diamond Shine Detailing has been providing exceptional automotive detailing services to customer & corporate vehicles for over 15 years in the Thompson Okanagan region. Whether you need a small spot-treatment shampooing or an extremely deep clean with dressing & waxing, we have a package catering to every need. No job is too big or too small for us! To learn more about what we do and our various auto detailing service offerings in Kamloops, click this link ‘Service Packages’.

You may own one of the best new vehicles or a well-used one and you’re thinking you want to find the an auto spa or a hand car wash to get your automobile looking brand new again. Well, we can tell you what you really want is the value of the best auto detailing service in town with prices comparable to your average automatic car wash. Now, deep cleaning, pampering, and maintaining your vehicle’s good condition has never been more affordable, guaranteed and convenient.

If they say your character can be revealed by the condition of your shoes, it only stands to reason the appearance of your car says a lot about you too.

Book an appointment with us to experience the unparalleled Diamond Shine service!”